About Movieghost

Ajij Khan, a blogger and the creator of Movieghost. The primary goal of Movieghost is to provide the most current information to the reader as quickly as possible. To create this news blog, many accomplished writers are working day and night.

Building a dedicated audience of online news viewers on the web and mobile platforms is Movieghost’s primary goal. We are dedicated to delivering timely and reliable news that covers local, national, and international topics as well as user-interest material like amusing or lifestyle news.

Movieghost Story –

Movieghost owners and authors were clear on the purpose for its creation at the time this website was being planned. The only reason this idea took over a year to come to reality was that user pleasure is our first priority when it comes to social media news and technology.

Movieghost wants to provide audience both content that is entertaining and satisfies their need to read as well as knowledge that is useful in daily life.

Topic Covered by Movieghost –

  • Entertainment News
  • Movie News
  • Web series
  • Tv show
  • Technology news
  • Web-stories
  • Business
  • Auto & more…