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Gadar 2 Collection Day 10 – Sunny Deol Just Breaking Pathaan

Gadar 2 Collection Day 10 – Sunny Deol Just Breaking Pathaan

Sunny Deol’s cinematic marvel, ‘Gadar 2’, is rewriting history at the box office. This juggernaut has achieved a feat that surpasses even Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Pathaan’.

The unstoppable frenzy surrounding ‘Gadar 2’, starring Sunny Deol, maintains its victorious stride even on the film’s second Sunday after release. Following its remarkable achievement of securing the highest second Saturday earnings at an astonishing Rs 31.07 crore, the film continued to dazzle by amassing approximately Rs 41 crore within India on August 20, a monumental Sunday. ‘Gadar 2’, which also features the talented Ameesha Patel, has now triumphantly eclipsed the box office record held by Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Pathaan’, a movie that graced theaters in January earlier this year.

Gadar 2 Collection Day 10

The triumphant march of ‘Gadar 2’ showcases the enduring power of exceptional storytelling and stellar performances, solidifying its place in the annals of cinema history. As audiences flock to witness this spectacular cinematic spectacle, the record-breaking journey of ‘Gadar 2’ continues to captivate and enthrall.

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Gadar 2 Collection Day 10

‘Gadar 2’ Continues to Triumph: Earns a Remarkable Rs 38.90 Crore on Second Sunday

The nation’s cinema halls have been graced by a multitude of eager viewers, all drawn to the enchanting allure of ‘Gadar 2’. This sequel has not only captivated hearts but also broken box office records with its astounding collections. The echoes of its success reverberated loudly on its second Sunday, August 20, as ‘Gadar 2’ amassed a staggering Rs 38.90 crore within India. This achievement is nothing short of extraordinary. Consequently, the film’s cumulative box office earnings have surged to an impressive Rs 375.10 crore (net).

Furthermore, the remarkable journey of ‘Gadar 2’ is evidenced by its substantial occupancy rate of 72.60 percent on August 20. This exceptional feat adds another layer of accomplishment to the film’s awe-inspiring performance.

As ‘Gadar 2’ continues to redefine the boundaries of success and captivate audiences nationwide, its impact on the cinematic landscape becomes increasingly undeniable. The sequel’s enduring allure and record-shattering collections speak volumes about the magic it has woven on the silver screen.

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