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Ghoomer Movie Review, Budget, Cast, Trailer & Box Office Collection

Ghoomer Movie Review, Budget, Cast, Trailer & Box Office Collection

Director R Balki takes an all-out approach, extracting every bit of sentiment from a high-energy sports comeback tale that avoids ambiguity. With a relentless focus on powerful moments, the unabashed Ghoomer occasionally gets caught up in its own surge of emotions, particularly in its conclusion.

The screenplay, a collaborative effort between the director and writers Rahul Sengupta and Rishi Virmani, portrays an intense and motivational fictional portrayal of the human resolve to conquer all challenges. No objections there. Had Ghoomer not delivered everything so abundantly, it could have retained an air of intrigue and authenticity.

Ghoomer Movie Review –

Ghoomer Movie Review

A tragic accident shatters the aspirations of a young cricket enthusiast striving to represent the Indian team. An embittered alcoholic crashes into her life, employing a mix of harsh criticism and an irritable demeanor to resurrect her dreams. The intricate relationship dynamics between these two individuals serve as the central focus of R Balki’s ‘Ghoomer’, a film that elevates his distinctive blend of logic and magic. This juxtaposition prompts us to oscillate between the two, yielding both compelling and conflicting outcomes.

The most inspiring aspect of ‘Ghoomer’ lies in Anina Dixit’s portrayal (Saiyami Kher), characterized by her unwavering demeanor that doesn’t conceal the stump of her right arm, terminating just below her elbow. It stands as an integral part of her identity, akin to the complete arm she possessed before the accident

However, delving into Anina’s internal struggles isn’t the focal point of the writers’ attention. Despite the piercing scream that attempts to echo her agony over the loss of her ‘phantom limb’, the film swiftly shifts its focus to the rescuer who emerges to free her from her own struggles. Padam Singh Sodhi, known as Paddy (Abhishek Bachchan), stumbles in a drunken stupor, hurling cutting aphorisms at those closest to him, including his adoptive sister, the transwoman Rasika (Ivanka Das).

Paddy stands as a representation of the kind of ‘Whiplash’-inspired movie coaches who embrace a tough-love approach to toughen their charges, his harshness a predictable outcome of his own past hurts. Bachchan wholeheartedly embraces the role, occasionally reminiscent of his iconic father (who makes a cameo appearance), especially during his inebriated soliloquies. Yet, he remains a recognizable trope.

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Ghoomer Movie Cast –


  • Saiyami Kher
  • Abhishek Bachchan
  • Shabana Azmi
  • Angad Bedi
  • Amitabh Bachchan


  • R Balki

Ghoomer Movie Trailer –


Ghoomer Movie Collection –

As of now, the cumulative earnings of the Ghoomer Movie have reached Rs 2.05 crore within India. Undoubtedly, this outcome is quite disheartening. On Saturday, August 19, the movie recorded a Hindi occupancy rate of 29.97 percent.

Despite receiving significant acclaim from critics, Abhishek Bachchan’s film ‘Ghoomar’ faced a stumbling block on its initial release day, attributed to the prevailing fervor around ‘Gadar 2’. The movie experienced a lackluster opening at the box office, garnering a modest collection of Rs 85 lakhs. Starring Abhishek Bachchan and Saiyami Kher in pivotal roles, ‘Ghoomar’ made its theatrical debut on August 18.

Reviews From Ghoomer Movie Viewers –

The film struggles a bit towards the end. It gets a tad predictable and crowd pleasing (match portions) as the creative liberties get a bit excessive. Can India’s national cricket team give its much coveted spot to a one-armed spin bowler, who cannot bat or field properly? Is media attention and the equal opportunity stance of selectors enough to bend the rules? The artistic license is aplenty but Ghoomer consciously chooses magic, hope and second chances.

Your mind takes a sudden jolt when thinking, “What happens when everything’s taken away from you in a span of few minutes? “Kisisay koi cheez bewaja cheeni jaye, woh galat hai.” You can tell how obsessed Abhishek, Saiyami and Balki are about cricket while watching this one.

Ratings:4/5 Site:Times Of India

The only thing that’s not in favour of Ghoomer is that the first half is pretty slow. The story takes a little time to build. And not to forget, the story gets predictable after a point. There are a little over-the-top dramatic scenes that at times seem a little cliche. But these could be overlooked as otherwise, the film is pretty good.

Ratings:3.5/5 Site:Times Of India

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